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The futuristic Holiday House travel trailers manufactured by the famous Harry and David fruit sellers, embraced a bold mid-century style that was unlike any other travel trailers in the 1960s. Enjoy Holiday House trailer history and pictures of beautifully restored Holiday House trailers, with all of their googies-inspired decorations, brought to you by

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Collector Restores 1961 Holiday House Trailer For His Museum By DoItYourselfRV Trailers , Vintage RV It’s not completely like the original, but this restored Holiday House trailer has a look George or Jane Jetson would love.

Some want a Vintage Trailer Pool House. Some want to have a Vintage Travel Trailer to just sit in and sip wine. Some just want to rent one for a movie set.

Since the beginning mobile homes have been awesome – see for yourself! Welcome to one of the largest collections of vintage mobile homes online. Mobile Home Living – Featuring mobile home remodeling, decor and repair.

Vintage Mobile Homes from 1955 1955 was a great year for the mobile home. The vintage mobile homes were going through its cence, trying to find itself in a sense.

vintage collection of trailers, mobile home and vintage ads . Atlas Mobile Home Museum. Mobile Home / Trailer Coach Museum Archives. Welcome to our historical database of mobile home ads and random pictures, it’s our passion! Toy House Trailer. 1954 Toy Trailer. 1956 Trailer Toy. 1958 Toy Trailer.

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6. Complete with a time capsule kitchen, a 1950 Spartan Carousel. Asking Price $55,000.Trailer located in Sacramento, CA. Up for your consideration, this professionally, fully restored, 10’x50′, 1960 Spartan Carousel is the model that Spartan created to showcase the style of a new decade.

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Find great deals on eBay for vintage house trailer. Shop with confidence. has photos of vintage airstream, teardrop, shasta and other old travel trailers, including old trailer interiors, cabinets and appliances. Also links to Vintage trailer restoration resources, vintage trailers for sale, and travel trailer clubs and groups you can join to share in the fun of restoring and camping in a classic vintage trailer.

vintage travel trailers Vintage travel trailers on this page are ready to be restored or purchased. Visit our Portfolio to see past projects and vintage travel trailer restorations currently in progress.

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