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A severe thunderstorm hit parts of Queensland, Australia on October 11, 2018, producing a destructive tornado and dumping heavy rain and extremely damaging, up to tennis-ball-sized hail.

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One piece of equipment that I recently stumbled upon is the tornado ball. If you are unfamiliar with what this device is just from the name alone, it is essentially a medicine ball attached to a rope.

A tornado warning has been issued for parts of Queensland after hailstones the size of tennis balls hit on Thursday with "very dangerous thunderstorms".

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4lb Aeromat Tornado Ball. Be sure to take into account Newton’s laws of motion when choosing the best weight. Synthetic rubber surface with secure washer and rope.

Product Features Please make sure your foos table requires a 35mm ball before ordering

Fitterfirst Tornado Ball-A 3kg Medicine ball with durable sailing rope molded into the center. A great tool for dynamic core stabilization exercises and high performance core conditioning. PLEASE NOTE: • This ball is intended for NON-BALLISTIC use on

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The massive storm has roared through south-east Queensland, dropping tennis ball-sized hail and whipping up a destructive tornado, with more wild weather expected in coming days.

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Tornado ball exercises: Tornado ball Wall Chop This tornado ball exercise will really develop rotational power, and is ideal for swinging athletes specifically golfers, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, and all racquet sports. First find a strong wall, Stand about 1/2 a meter in front of the wall.

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Tornado Balls – Colourful premium quality textured rubber surface. Rope runs through the middle of the ball. Excellent for rhythmical stabilisation drills.

Tornado Ball training is an explosive and dynamic form of working out that pulls together elements of kettlebell training and medicine ball work. It places specific demands on the body, requires precision of movement, generates great strengthening and mobility results…and is good fun!

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