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The Asian Women’s Fund (財団法人女性のためのアジア平和国民基金, zaidan hojin josei-no tame no Ajia heiwa kokumin kikin), also abbreviated to アジア女性基金 in Japanese, was a fund set up by the Japanese government in 1994 to distribute monetary compensation to comfort women in South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Indonesia.

HER Fund, established in 2004, is the only women’s fund in Hong Kong committed to advancing women’s rights by grant-making, capacity building and resource-building with the priority for grassroots and marginalized women and teens.

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In January 2017, South Asia Women’s Fund put out a Call for Applications for LFS. In total, 209 organisations applied. After a rigorous selection process, 16 …

The Asian Women’s Fund started when Chief Cabinet Secretary Kozo Igarashi announced its establishment on June 14, 1995, based on an agreement made in …

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The Asian Women In Business Scholarship encourages and promotes exceptional Asian female students who have demonstrated scholarship, leadership, community service and/ or entrepreneurship. The AWIB Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to students who have the attributes to be our next generation of leaders.

Finally the Japanese government came to have a clear notion of this problem and made official apology toward the victims. Further it is shown how the Asian Women’s Fund came to be established by the Japanese government and how those people invited to join this fund discussed and decided the content of the projects of this fund.

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Women’s Fund Asia is a regional women’s fund committed to supporting women and trans people led interventions to enhance and strengthen access to women’s and trans people’s human rights.

Haruki Wada, Asian Women’s Fund Activists in South Korea and Taiwan claimed that the letter was a personal not an official one, and that the money available …

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On the other hand, from 1996 when the Asian Women’s Fund began, within Japanese society there was a counter-current of opposition to the Kono statement and denial of the existence of the Comfort Women problem, and a movement grew to ignore the activities of the Asian Women’s Fund and to …

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