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In most cases, yes, although there are exceptions, including these: Hemorrhoids are more common and tend to become larger as pregnancy progresses. If you do have hemorrhoids – and if they’re bleeding and you have anal sex – you can lose a considerable amount of …

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If you and your partner want to explore anal sex, it’s important to take it slowly and safely, and learn how to do it right. You want to make the experience enjoyable for both of you, and make

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Today, “sodomy” often refers to any form of non-penile/vaginal sexual act, which includes anal sex and oral sex. If the biblical text is used as the basis for the definition, though, “sodomy” cannot include oral sex or, technically, even anal sex.

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Is Anal Sex Safe? There are a number of health risks with anal sex, and anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity for several reasons, including the following : The anus lacks the

Let’s just get right to it: Anal sex can be totally safe—and all taboos about it really need to go away (like, yesterday). “Anal sex is a common human sexual behavior for women in hetero and

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Anal sex can absolutely be a safe way to experience sex, just as vaginal intercourse can be a safe way to experience sex. With any type of sex, however, there are ways to make it more or less safe. Condoms. Research shows that heterosexual women and men tend to use condoms less often during anal sex as compared to vaginal sex.

The anus has a lot of nerve endings, so anal sex can be pleasurable to both the man and the woman. That said, it also comes with a lot of risk. If you want a healthy sex life, you absolutely must know how to have anal sex safely. It’s true that no one has ever gotten pregnant from anal sex—but

Anal sex, though often stigmatized, is a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity. People have been having anal sex since the dawn of humanity. Seriously, it’s been documented back to

Anal sex is any type of sexual activity that involves the anal area and many people, whether they are heterosexual, gay or bisexual, enjoy it. Whether you are thinking of having anal sex for the first time, or you just want more information on how to stay safe and …

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Anal sex may also increase the risk of anal cancer if certain high risk strains of HPV are passed – however, while HPV is extremely common (most adults will have HPV at some point in their lives

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