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Being naked is naturally more comfortable than wearing anything. Our bodies don’t like being covered and that discomfort quietly builds the longer we don’t free our bodies of our clothes for at least a while.

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I was really enjoying being naked outside, as it just felt wonderful with the slight breeze and sun caressing my body. I walked to the pool and decided to lay on a lounge. This was incredible, here I was, naked, laying on a lounge by the pool without any concern, just me enjoying all the new sensations of the last few days.

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I told her I understand and went to try a few on, just as she had. We each had a nice collection before moving on to the next store. There we looked at sun dresses, skirts and blouses.

Welcome to Naturists: We Like Being Naked – a super site, that among the other niches has a serious collection of surfer contributed naturists materials shot at the local & international naturist resorts, camps, events and holidays from Russia, Europe and USA.

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Luckily, being naked is really good for you. From the empowerment of embracing your body at its most vulnerable to the health benefits of letting yourself go, there are true advantages to being

Being nude wherever possible is natural – Tumblr

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For them, being nude is the best thing in life, and that is why the summer is their favorite part of the year – they go to the beaches and enjoy being without clothes.

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"Being [naked is] an antidote and counters the media, advertising and all the messages telling you what you’re supposed to look like and how you should ‘fix’ your appearance," lifelong nudist

Why I Love Being Naked After years of trying to covering myself up, I’ve embraced what I look like in my natural state.

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The human body is a beautiful thing, and yes, there’s a time and place for everything. But breastfeeding in public or baring your breasts at the beach doesn’t need to be sexualized.

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