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WIPE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Make sure to go from front to back, pushing waste away from the groin.

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How To Wipe Your Butt: Step 4. Now you are ready for the final cleansing stage. Using a wet wipe, repeat Step 3 until absolutely no remnants remain. You may use moist wipes designed for adult bathroom use or baby wipes.

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Aug 19, 2012 · Fact: if you wipe your butt while sitting down you are disgusting Discussion in ‘ The Vestibule ‘ started by Kakashi_Senseii , Aug 19, 2012 . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next >

The Right Way to Wipe Your Bottom After comfortably passing a stool, use some toilet paper to wipe the bottom from front to back while avoiding touching any stool with the hands. The paper can be folded or crumpled, whichever seems to work better to get clean.

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A wet wipe to complete the process is like a little miniature shower, only for your sphincter, to keep you feeling refreshed and clean. The industry standard is ‘Dude Wipes’ and you can pick up a pack of 60 for just $15 on Amazon. In conclusion, the way you wipe is more important that you think.

Learning how to wipe your ass is a fairly simple process with very few materials required. Materials you will need to learn how to wipe your own ass: Toilet paper; Your ass; Once you have gathered your materials and have finished depositing your bodily waste, it is time to learn how to wipe your ass. Take some toilet paper from the roll.

Aug 26, 2016 · Are you one of the many MANY of us who have been wiping your butt incorrectly? If so, then you can’t afford to miss this video.

After your usual wiping, add a few drops to a small wad of toilet paper – just enough to dampen it – and give your butt a final wipe. You may not be clean on a microscopic level, Graedon says

Most people don’t wipe their asses properly, simply because most people who use toilets also tend to use “handfuls of wadded paper.” Imagine chocolate pudding. Now imagine taking a spoonful of that delicious brown dessert and dropping that shit onto your table top.

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This is a guide about how to wipe your butt the right way. Learn how you might be wiping incorrectly, and how you can wipe your butt the right way.

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