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For two years, Jermaine James has been trying to get a job. His aspirations are modest — Jack in the Box was a shimmering hope, McDonald’s a dream — and he offers to discuss his criminal history

Jobs For Felons Hub Job Board One of the unique offerings that we have here at Jobs For Felons Hub is our own job board. The beauty of this job board is that the people who post jobs here are already aware that you have a felony and don’t mind your record so long as you’re a good employee.

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Even though this website is mainly focused on teen jobs, it has a substantial list of entry level jobs. Felons with a for tend to have a better chance of getting entry level jobs because they require little to no experience and often times are a great place to start working again.

Federal Programs. There are two federal programs that assist felons in finding a job.The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a program that encourages employers to hire people who are having a tough time finding employment by offering a tax credit.

Jobs For Felons in St. Petersburg, Florida You’ve made a mistake in the past and now you’re looking for a company that will hire felons in St. Petersburg, Florida. First off, we commend you for trying to get back on track and you should know that our website was built specifically to help people just like you.

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This can be one of the better careers for felons because of the high pay. The down side is that it is dirty hard work and you have to live in the right area to find a job doing this type of work. This is the best list of land drilling companies .

Jobs for Felons, Felon Friendly Employment. Below is our list of jobs for felons. This is always being updated to add and remove employers. Employers are added and removed from our felon friendly employer list frequently.

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There is a list of companies that have jobs for felons at the bottom of the page, you will see it on most felon job related sites or pages online. The truth is that it is HIGHLY OUTDATED at best. We are not even unsure as to if the companies on it will actually still hire a felon.

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Job Search For Felons – Find your next job or career. Possible options: from part time to full time. Search for job in our listings by title, category, company, salary, position, location or browse popular jobs. audit senior jobs job in deed job search for teens.

Another form of job help for felons that you may not know about is the Federal Bonding Program. A federal bond acts as an insurance policy for your employer against the perceived risk that you might steal money or property within the first six months of your employment.

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