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Okay, okay—it’s oral sex. But you can make it so much better if you add in a little finger action, as well. Just keep in mind that our hatred of jackhammer sex applies to finger usage as well.

Oral sex is a pretty intimate act—his face is all up in your vag, after all. So, maybe hold off until you’re completely comfortable with him.

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Women in many cultures are taught to give rather than to receive. Receiving might conjure up unpleasant feelings of being selfish or greedy. Some women feel their vulvas are "dirty" and may be uncomfortable with someone kissing them "down there," so would prefer to give oral sex.

A 1993 survey concluded that 55 percent of women found oral sex "very normal," 32 percent found it "all right," 9 percent found it "kinky," 4 percent found it "unusual," and 1 percent didn’t

"Any time my jaw or neck needs a break, I pull back and just focus on the tip. If you have plenty of lube or saliva, you can keep pumping with your hands while you circle, lick, and suck on the tip.

Oral sex for women is a completely different than it is for men. While you need a happy medium between hard and soft, fast and slow, suction and licking, what she needs is a balancing act, too.

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OK, you can probably file this little tidbit of information under "no duh," but apparently there really is such thing as an oral sex gap.Yup, women are twice as likely to go down on their partners

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A woman who posted a video of herself on social media giving oral sex to a man inside of a courthouse has been arrested. Brittney Lahcell Jones, 26, was arrested Wednesday, reports the New York Post .

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Studies show that 70 percent of women enjoy receiving oral sex. Here are some oral sex tips to make the experience more pleasurable for women.

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