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If you would open your mouth wide and inspect your tonsils closely, you will find tiny whitish granules stuck on to them. These infact are the ones which cause your mouth to stink. Commonly known as throat balls or tonsilths, these throat balls can cause discomfort in other ways as well.

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My manfriend recently asked me to pay more attention to his balls when I give him a blow job. I do play with them, but I think he wants me to suck them, too. I do play with them, but I think he

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Brown on white stinky balls in mouth: If your throat is sore and you see white exudate (pus balls) then you can gargle with salt water or half/half peroxide and mouthwash for relief.. It would be best to be seen to be sure it is not strep throat.

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With a slight sucking technique, you can easily take one of his balls in your mouth.What next? You can swirl your tongue around it, continue to suck a bit, or try to get the other ball in your

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