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In the richest country on Earth, every American – rural or urban, affluent or lower-income – should be able to rest assured that the water in their homes, colleges and public places is clean and safe to drink.

Jun 27, 2011 · Distilled spirits, 1.5 gallons Energy drinks, 1.2 gallons Compared to 2005, the average American drank 6.8 gallons less soda while there is about a three-gallon increase in bottled water …

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Jul 10, 2018 · Flint, Michigan, changed its water system in 2014, resulting in water so toxic that residents got sick. Some even died. But that flip of a switch isn’t when the city’s water crisis began.

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How Do American Teenagers Spend Their Time? American teenagers spend their time largely in front of a screen. According to Kaiser Family Foundation research, teenagers spend more than 50 hours weekly in front of their laptops, computer, tablet, cellular phone and any other electronic devices.

Mar 03, 2014 · In 2005, the average American was estimated to use about 98 gallons per day. However, it wasn’t only personal use of water that people had a loose grasp on in the survey.

Jun 11, 2015 · Most American ren and teenagers aren’t drinking enough fluids, and that’s leaving them mildly dehydrated, according to a new study. In fact, one-quarter of a …

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The Native American Teens Running To Save Their Water Supply Standing Rock Sioux Reservation members are running 2000 miles to deliver a petition to lawmakers, asking them to stop an oil pipeline

State of American Drinking Water. When most Americans drink a glass of tap water, they’re also getting a dose of industrial or agricultural contaminants linked to cancer, brain and nervous system damage, developmental defects, fertility problems or hormone disruption.

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Boston, MA – More than half of all ren and cents in the U.S. are not getting enough hydration—probably because they’re not drinking enough water—a situation that could have significant repercussions for their physical health and their cognitive and emotional functioning

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for TEENS June 2016 Gary R. Shepherd, Paula S. Fratantoni Associate Editor: Sasha Harris-Lovett How Do Fish Like Their Water? Fishermen on the east coast of the United States depend on catching black sea bass in the Atlantic Ocean, but first they have to find Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 106.1 (1977): 12-25.

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